When a tooth can no longer be saved or is infected and presents an issue  it needs to be removed. We call it "extraction".
At Pure North Dental Clinic we do:
  • regular extractions
  • complicated -when the tooth needs to be cut into pieces or removed from under the gum
  • wisdom teeth extraction

Oral pathology screening and minor oral surgery

We routinely screen patients for oral pathology and treat as necessary. Some cases are treated in-house, while others are referred to a range of excellent Oral Surgeons.
Some lesions can be simply left alone while other need to be manged rather quickly. This further emphasizes importance of regular dental check-ups.
Below are some examples of frequently encountered lesions that have no place in the mouth.
Papilloma of the tongue.

Fibroma on the gum.

Amalgam tattoo and papilloma on top

2 small papillomas.