All of the X-ray equipment in the Pure North Dental Clinic is digital.
Comparing to film-based digital radiographs offer
  • significantly smaller levels of exposure,
  • quick and clear image acquisition,
  • simplified file viewing and transfer .

Why take dental x-rays?
  • Very often tooth decay starts between teeth where it is not visible during examination. X-rays allow to “see” between teeth.
  • The sooner a cavity is noticed the less damage to tooth structures is allowed to happen, thus it is much easier (and less expensive) to repair the tooth.
  • When caries extends into the tooth nerve before being noticed a person may experience a significant pain. Treating nerve pain may become 10-15 times more expensive than filling a cavity in a timely fashion.
  • In some cases, for instance crowns and bridges, X-ray may be the only way to properly assess their state.
  • Dentists can assess roots health and bone levels.

X-rays allow dentist to see caries even before it becomes a cavity. Depending on one's caries risk  small lesions (yellow and red arrows) can be filled or simply monitored. We can also assess the quality of existing fillings (green arrow).

Panoramic image shows all the teeth and their respective position around sinuses and lower jaw nerves.  We can also assess progressions of bone loss in some cases as well as other pathological conditions.

Can I have an exam without taking X-rays?

On average during a regular annual check-up exam 4 digital X-rays are taken to assess back teeth. Because X-rays allow us to see "between" the teeth or "inside" the jawbone any examination will be limited without such insights. Digital radiographs exposure is minimal and the benefits far outweigh the risks. Diagnosis of pathology resides in dentist’s hands, and by refusing to allow us to assess completely and fully, you are denying yourself the opportunity to receive a comprehensive care.
Patients have autonomy to chose what happens to them. At Pure North Dental we strive to empower you and provide as much information as possible so that you make an informed choice. If you understand all of the above and still decline X-rays we will accept you choice.