Pure North Dental Clinic's pricing is a hybrid between Alberta Dental and Alberta Blue-Cross fee guides, with minor variations for a select few procedures.
Fee guide is a list of all possible types of procedures. Each procedure has a 5-digit number so that all healthcare providers and insurance companies spoke "the same language". Each code has a cost that is not mandatory, but considered to be fair to both parties for an average dental office.  An insurance provider may elect to follow a provincial fee guide or develop their own (as is the case with Alberta Blue Cross). Latter may mean that the insurance will cover any procedure up to the amount reflected in their respective fee guide and there will be a patient's portion to pay.

Alberta Dental Fee Guide: short version plain language   ,     complete version                           Alberta Blue Cross fee guide: here
We will work with any insurance program and we will help you understand your coverage. If our team is unable to contact your insurance provider on your behalf, we will help you ask your provider the right questions so you can fully understand your coverage.

We accept direct billing. Whenever possible, we will bill your insurance provider for payment first (either electronically or by mail), so you only need to pay what is not covered by your insurance plan. We accept all employee, personal, and government dental benefit plans.

We can complete a predetermination of benefits so you will know what is covered before any treatment is started to avoid any surprises.

Note: It is only possible to provide a cost estimate after examination. So please view this as a rough guide to what dental fees are like for the most common procedures. We understand that dental fee can be confusing and intimidating for many especially if there are no dental benefits therefore this is an attempt to give some orientation only.
  • Cleanings
    1 unit of polish - $59.84
    3 units of scaling -  $201.00
    Average total: $260.84
  • Complete examination $100
    4 Small X-rays $78
    PAN X-ray $88
    Average complete exam is a combination of the above: $266
  • Typical Emergency examination
    1 X-ray $28
    Examination $64
    Emergency examination total $92
  • Fillings
    1 surface molar filling - $156
    2 surfaces molar filling - $220
    3 surfaces molar filling - $260
    2 surfaces front tooth filling - $170
    4 surfaces front tooth filling - $256
  • Extractions
    regular extraction - $140
    surgical extraction - $252
    wisdom teeth - $140-375
  • Removable dentures
    Simple (flipper) - $454
    Flexible (Valplast) - $850
    Cast partial or complete denture - $1250-1450
  • Implants
    Budget brand of implant with a crown will cost from $3000 per tooth.
    Premium brand (including Zirconia) implants cost $4000 per tooth including a crown.
    Multiple implants discount apply.
  • Crown
    $1100-1334 depending on the presence and extent of the tooth damage
  • Bleaching - HERE