Dental Cleaning

Generally, a dental cleaning involves:
  • Scaling calculus (tartar) from around the gum-line with manual hand instruments, ultrasonic instruments, or both.
    Our hygienists  use an ultrasonic scaling device that will remove the plaque bacteria and calculus from the tooth surface and around the gum-line.  A manual dental scaler will supplement the ultrasonic device by removing particles the device can't break loose.
  • Polishing
    Teeth are  buffed and polished with a paste and a cup to remove staining and fine calculus residue. If you were to descale your kettle you'd notice a very fine coat of minerals still remaining on the steel or glass surface - this needs to be wiped off to delay scale build up. Similarly, polishing can improve teeth smoothness and delay plaque absorption. Debris can be removed by hand and machine scaling, whereas polishing removes micro debris and gives that smooth, clean finish to the teeth.

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How often should I have a dental cleaning?
General guidelines show that patients should have a professional cleaning every six months. While this is ideal for most people, some will need to come in every 3 months while others may only need a cleaning every 9 or 12 months. After you initial visit our hygienist will suggest and discuss an ideal schedule for you depending on your needs.

How much does cleaning cost?
If you have dental insurance, teeth cleaning should be covered as part of your routine dental care. Depending on the insurance there might be a patient portion to pay. Our administrators will help to establish how much is covered by the insurance.

The cost of a dental cleaning will also depend on the amount of time a hygienist needs to spend on your teeth. Obviously, some people need a lot of care if they have not had a cleaning for a long time. Conversely, someone with lower plaque score or considerably fewer teeth may need less time to complete the job.

An average cleaning session lasts about an hour and consists of:
  • 3 units of scaling  - $201.00 and
  • 1 unit of polishing - $59.84
This makes for a total fee of $260.84.
Some insurance plans cover 80%, 90% or 100% of the cost. We can help to predetermine how much will be covered. Give us a call 587.293.0722 or email to inquire.

Can I have scaling without polishing?
Scaling removes the bulk of the calculus and plaque, but leave superfine residue. Likewise, when you have a car wash - no matter how good the sprays, chemicals and technology is there will still be spots that will need to be rubbed with a hand cloth.  Polishing is essentially fine-tuning the cleaning. Without polishing teeth may feel as smooth as they can be otherwise. If for whatever reason you need to forego the polishing - your teeth and gum health will still benefit from scaling. However for the best result and comfort thereafter polishing is advised.