Tooth discolouration include and may be caused by natural aging, staining from food, drink, smoking, fluorosis, opacities, trauma, or medications.
If you want to make your teeth look whiter - we can help.
We offer:
  • in office bleaching
    The first session will last approximately 1h 20 min.
    Most people will have teeth 2 shades (noticeably) brighter after the in-office bleaching session (measured by VITA shade).
    One can have more than 1 bleaching session, depending on the severity of the discolouration and the degree of whitening desired.
    Cost $260 for the first session, $205 each additional session.
  • home bleaching
    After taking teeth impression upper and lower clear custom trays are made. These trays fit very snugly (unlike over the counter kits), which helps prevent gel leakage onto gums. Less gum irritation and better comfort. The trays can be used until the desired effect is achieved. Home bleaching whitens teeth slower, but you have more control on the timing and frequency, without incurring additional costs. Having trays allows for occasional (annual) bleaching session, which may help remove food staining that invariably builds up.
    Cost: $260 for 2  trays and 1 bleaching gel syringe
  • Combination of both
    For the best results you can kick start the process with in-office session and continue with home bleaching.

In-office Bleaching

Teeth are cleaned and dried.
Gums are isolated by a special resin.
40% Hydrogen Peroxide gel is applied for 20 minutes.
The gel rinsed off, teeth cleaned.
The new portion of gel is applied for 20 more minutes.
Total 2 x 20 min applications per visit.
Results are validated with the patient.
Recommendations are discussed with a patient:
  • how to manage sensitivity
  • avoiding foods that may stain teeth for the next 2 weeks
  • whether additional sessions are needed or desired.

One of our real-life "in-office" examples HERE.

Home bleaching

We will take impressions of your teeth first.
The dental lab will make models of your teeth.
Then a little reservoir on the outer surface of each tooth is created - this is where the gel will be. So the 2 closely fitting trays are created.
2 custom trays in a box, 1 bleaching gel syringe, and instructions are delivered.
  1. Brush teeth
  2. Place small dot of gel into the reservoir dot inside each tooth you want bleached (we recommend not bleaching back teeth to avoid sensitivity).
  3. Place trays on teeth for 15-30 min per day.
    If you put too much gel you may feel some gum irritation - take them of and remove excess.
  4. Rinse and clean the trays thoroughly after use and store in the container (to avoid loosing, dogs chewing them etc.
  5. Repeat on another day until the desired effect is achieved.
Canadian Dental Association statement on bleaching HERE.